Month: September 2010

Gremlins Director Claims Hollywood is Afraid to Take Risks

There are a lot of remakes being made these days. You know it, I know it and Gremlins Director, Jo Dante, knows it too. This is what he has to say: There’s a huge appetite right now at the studios for re-making pictures and doing TV shows and doing titles that people have already seen…

Halloween Pushed Aside by Supermarket’s Desire For Early Christmas Revenue

In is still another 45 days until Halloween. I went to Morrissons today and found a whole aisle full of Christmas stuff. They have selection boxes and they have advent calendars suitable for each and every taste. They even have tins of biscuits (so handy as a Christmas gift). They do not have anything for…


I recently followed a link from a YouTube Video and ended up at Fearnet.Com. If you like horror and all things dark, you will probably love Fearnet. It’s a great site, but if you live in the States, it is better than great because they have a lot of free films and horror series available….

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