Month: February 2011

Rare Footage of Bela Lugosi

I was just surfing a few Bela Lugosi links and I found this photograph of him from back in 1955: It was taken just before he was voluntarily committed to the state hospital for treatment as a chronic user of narcotics for sedation. I followed a few more links and found some rare footage of…

Watch Online: The Ray Bradbury Theatre – Marionettes, Inc

The Ray Bradbury Theatre ran for six seasons between 1985 and 1992. There were a total of sixty-five episodes and I never saw a single one of them. These are the days of the internet though, and I have just found most of the episodes online. I have just finished watching the first one, Marionettes,…

The Return of the Killer Shrews Official Website is Now Live

My last post was about the the upcoming sequel to the The Killer Shrews. I have just found out that the official website is now live; check it out: The Return of the Killer Shrews. Before you do though, turn up the sound on your computer because the site has some sound effects.

Sequel to The Killer Shrews is On the Way

The Killer Shrews was released in 1959. Now, over half a century later, a remake is on the way. The original film was a low-budget B movie, and the giant killer shrews were just dogs in drag. It had a certain charm to it though, and even to this day many people love it; so…

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