The Killer Shrews was released in 1959. Now, over half a century later, a remake is on the way. The original film was a low-budget B movie, and the giant killer shrews were just dogs in drag. It had a certain charm to it though, and even to this day many people love it; so when the sequel comes out it should have a ready-made audience waiting for it. I’ll be quite interested to see it myself and I’m betting that, with the benefits of modern special effects, the shrews won’t be dogs this time around.

The actor James Best starred in the original Killer Shrews film as Captain Thorne Sherman. A lot of people will probably remember him best as bumbling Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane in the Dukes of Hazzard TV series. If you were a kid in the eighties the chances are that you will have remember the show. Now Best looks set to return as Sherman in the sequel.

You can find out more about The Return of the Killer Shrews by clicking here. If you missed the original film and would like to see it in its entirety right here and now you may be glad to learn that it is now in the public domain. That means that you can watch it for free. In fact you can find it in the ‘Public Domain Movies’ section of my website. The player is at the bottom of the review page. What are you waiting for? Go watch it now. And watch out for those dogs in drag!