I’ve started reading a new book today – Nocturnes by John Connolly. I’d never even heard of him until last week saw the book in a charity shop and liked the cover so picked it up and took a look. It was only £1, and, when I looked inside it, it was a signed 1st edition. So, in my book, that book was a bargain and I bought it.

It is a collection of Connolly’s short stories and I read the first 2 today. The second on was so-so, but the first one, The Cancer Cowboy Rides Again, was very good. It is like a vampire story turned on its head. A normal vampire steals life to extend its own. The Cancer Cowboy has a cancer living inside him, as it gets worse his only relief is to pass it on to someone else. So instead of stealing life he is giving death. Sounds the same I know, but it isn’t, not quite.


On the writing front, I received another rejection, on Friday, and I am beggining a new story. Just trying to figure out the charecters and what makes them tick.