Well, I am still reading Lovecraft (and no it isn’t a text book for rebellious virgins). H.P. Lovecraft has been credited with inventing the modern horror tradition. I know. It says so on the back of my book.

The thing is reading some of Lovecraft’s work has been on my to-do-list for quite some time. Only, now I am actually doing it, I am not really enjoying the stories very much. I feel more aware of Lovecraft, as a narrator, than I would like, and just can’t get into the stories at all. Some of the language used seems a bit redundant and old-fashioned to me too. Never the less, I plan to try and read a little more of the book and feel that I must, at least, read, The Call of Cthulhu.

Yesterday I had a total break from it all and read Hemingway’s, The Old Man And The Sea. It is rare for me to read anything that is not horrific or weird. Read it I did, though, and it was very good.

Todays agenda: Editing. I have a short story that needs some polish applying before I can submit it.