If you have seen Howling II you will no doubt remember that there was a punk group in the film. The name of the group was Babel and Stephen W. Parsons played the lead singer. Parsons also wrote the soundtrack for the film and, according to IMDb he has since written the soundtracks for another 26 films. The last one was the horror/thriller Nine Miles Down (2009).

So what is the man of music doing these days?

He’s changed direction somewhat and instead of just playing the lead singer in a band, he actually is the lead singer in a band. The band is called King Mob, they’ve just released their first album, ‘Force 9,’ and later this month (17th) they will be doing a ‘very special intimate one-off London show’ at 229 The Venue.If you are too busy watching horror films though, or simply don’t have the time or the energy to make the trip down to London, never fear, because if you have the time and the energy to lift a few fingers and drop them down on your computer keys, all you need to do is head on over to Amazon and you can download their single Selene Selene.