Hi, I’m Steve Calvert. Iv’e just managed to upload the blogging software and this is my first post. One of the things I will be writing about is horror—hence the name of the blog. It took me ages to come up with that. The other thing will be writing. You see I do write a bit myself, usually stories of a weird or horrific nature.

Anyway if I find any cool horror sites, while I am surfing, I’ll let post the links here. if I find any really usefull writing sites out there, once again, I’ll post the links here. Anything else I mention may, or may not be of interst to you, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Talking about usefull links, I have collected together a few on my website’s links page click here if you want to take a look

Hard work this blogging. Never know what to say. Never mind. I will improve, and that’s a promise