I’ve just found quite a useful little guide. It’s called Goblin Markets. If you write weird or horror fiction you really should check this one out. Even if you are just a reader of all things weird and strange it is worth a look. Who knows you might find a few publications that bang – on – right – for you.

The thing that I find most useful about this guide is that you can enter the word count of your story and the type (vampire, supernatural, weird, sci-fi, etc) and it will pull up a list of matching markets for you.

Now that is handy! I thought so anyway.

Of course, personally, I usually do a bit of checking on a market before submitting. Things change fast in the small press world. Usually I check the mag’s site, if they have one, and if the present or last issue happens to be so long ago that their server must have cobwebs on it, then I give that one a miss.

Anyway I’m off to work through some of my rejected stuff. Loads to do, sad isn’t it.

Here’s the link for Goblin: GOBLIN MARKETS